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07.06.2017:  C64Games.DE Newsletter - 21.04.2017

Hallo C64-Fans,

folgende Games sind neu auf

Abu Simbel Profanation (Game)
Apple Cider Spider (Game)
Bigdance (Game)
Bomb Run 64 (Game)
Breakout (Sausage Toes 2017) (Game)
Clash of Wills (Game)
Colon (Disk Groesse)
Colour Blox (Game)
Compuzzle (Game)
CRX Race (Disk Groesse)
Donkey Kong (Oxyron 2016) (Game)
Frogs (Dr Wuro Industries) (Game)
Gameboy Tetris (Wiebo de Wit) (Disk Groesse)
GPAC Dementia Defender (Helpfile)
Gunfright (Game)
Gunfright 128 (Game)
Gunfright Plus4 (Game)
Guzzler (Disk Groesse)
Highnoon (Disk Groesse)
Hockey 64 (Softech) (Game)
Honey Bee (Disk Groesse)
Jani (Game)
Jani 2 (Game)
Judge Dredd (Melbourne House) (Tape)
Jungle Drums (Disk Groesse)
Katakis (Disk Groesse)
Kill the Alien (Game)
Labman (Game)
Last Ninja 1 (Disk Groesse)
Lets Invade (Game)
Lumberjack (Game)
Luna3 (Game)
Lunar Lander (Game)
Maniac Mansion (Helpfile)
Mastermind 2017 (Game)
Miner 2049er (Disk Groesse)
Motocross (Disk Groesse)
Multi-Player Soccer Manager (Disk Groesse)
Ninja (Softgold) (Game)
Ocean Ranger (Disk Groesse)
Psycastria (Disk Groesse)
The Hunter (Game)

Euer Team von C64Games.DE

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